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Frequently Asked Questions

Managed IT
  • What does "Managed IT" mean?
    "Managed IT" may mean different things to different providers but what it means in our case is that actaTech will be your ideal IT department: enhanced expertise, better response time, no days off, no employee issues to deal with, and all that at a lower cost.
  • Who sets the technology direction in a "Managed IT" environment?
    In addition to ensuring the optimal operation of your IT infrastructure actaTech's experts will work with you to understand your business and then set the technology direction in alignment with the business needs.
  • How are help desk requests handled?
    Help desk requests are handled similarly to the way they are handled by internal IT departments. Depending on the urgency of the request your employees will either call our emergency help line or create a support ticket on our support system. The ticket is then routed to the appropriate engineer based on the request type, the engineer's expertise and the availability of the engineer. No matter how complex the issue, that engineer will own the ticket and will ensure prompt resolution of it.
  • Will actaTech engineers work on site?
    For a significant percentage of the issues an on-site engineer adds no value as there is nothing the engineer can do on site that he couldn't handle remotely. However, we pre-schedule a certain number of site visits and will send the engineers on site whenever necessary.
  • What technologies does actaTech use for web development?
    When it comes to software development our first choice is .NET / C# and SQL Server however we have utilized numerous other platforms and development tools depending on our customer's particular needs.
  • What are the advantages of a remote DBA?
    With the actaTech "remote DBA" while getting the comfort and convenience that comes with having a designated DBA, you get the benefit of having a whole team of highly qualified, experienced experts that will ensure flawless operation of your database systems.
  • Wouldn't a remote DBA be a lot more expensive that an in-house DBA?
    No, in the contrary, your total cost will be significantly lower while your services will be significantly better.
  • How is actaTech's recruiting process better than that of other recruiters?
    We believe that the key to recruiting the best possible people is a thorough understanding of our clients first. A good portion of our recruiting expenses goes towards understanding your business, profiling the people that already work for you, immersing ourselves into your company culture. Furthermore, we meticulously research the position you need to fill and finally create the ideal profile of the candidate for that position. The rest is easy, we tap into our vast pool of resumes and contacts to find that perfect match.

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