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Managed IT Services

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Managed IT
  • On-site Services: prescheduled and on demand technical service hours dedicated to understanding your business needs, designing and building IT systems to address those needs, troubleshooting and fixing issues, performing routine maintenance tasks, providing training, and advising on all your IT related issues.

  • Help Desk Support: unlimited world class help desk support for all your users. Your employees are likely one of the most expensive resources you utilize in your business and you don't want them to sit on their hands because of some IT related issue that is preventing them from doing their job. We have extensive experience with 24x7 operations where downtime is not an option and will ensure that IT is not one of the reasons that is holding you back but is rather enabling you to “outrun” your competitors.

  • Network Monitoring: today's computer networks have become much more reliable and robust than they used to be however they have also become absolutely critical to any business operation big or small. Therefore, continuous monitoring to ensure early detection of problems is crucial to minimizing potential downtime. We provide 24x7 remote monitoring and have resources available for immediate intervention should the need arise.

  • Vendor Management: managing IT vendors is not simply a nuisance but a major time and resource “hog”. We have the advantage of understanding your needs while being intimately familiar with most of today's technology solutions and therefore can efficiently manage those vendors and ensure that you ge the most value for your money.

Starting at only $500 / month
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